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India Security Press Recruitment
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Instruction ** The India Govt. Mint, Mumbai is one of the nine units under the “Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited” (SPMCIL), a Miniratna Category-I, Central Public Sector Enterprise Company, wholly owned by Government of India,
I. Duration of typing test for all posts : 10 minutes
II. Speed criteria For Junior Office Assistant/ Junior Bullion Assistant : 40 wpm in English and 30 wpm in Hindi
A. Full Mistakes : The following errors are treated as full mistakes :- i. For every omission of a word/figure. ii. For every substitution of a wrong word/figure, except transposition of words. iii. For every addition of a word/figure not found in the passage. iv. For every spelling error committed by way of repetition, or addition, or omission, or substitution of a letter/letters, e.g. the word ‘spelling’ typed as seeplings; seplling; speling; seepling; spelling etc. v. For repetition of word/figure, e.g. ‘I shall shall be grateful ……….’ vi. Incomplete words (half typed words will be treated as mistake).
B. Half Mistakes : The following errors are treated as half mistakes :- i. Spacing Errors : Where no space is provided between two words, e.g. ‘Ihope’, or undesired space is provided between the words or letters of a word e.g. ‘I have’, ‘I h ave’ (space left between a word). ii. Wrong Capitalisation : Wrong typing of a capital letter for small letter or vice-versa. (This does not apply in respect of Hindi Typewriting scripts) iii. Punctuation Errors : Where the punctuation mark is omitted or added or substituted by another. iv. Transposition Errors : Where words are transposed, e.g. the words ‘I hope’ typed as ‘hope I’. v. Paragraphic Errors : Half mistake shall be treated for each irrational para, where the space given before starting of any paragraph is not uniform, i.e paragraph given manual spaces; without pressing the Tab Key, will be treated halfmistake. NOTE : Any corrections made by pen or pencil will be treated as a Mistake.
Enclosures: Instructions to the Candidates (Appendix - IV). IV Criteria for Calculation of Typing Speed and ErrorA. The Criteria for evaluation of typing speed is illustrated below as – Note: 1 word = 5 key strokes, 1 error = 5 key strokes. Net Speed (WPM) = [(Gross Strokes - Error Hits) / 5] / Total Test Time (Min). Duration: 10 min. Gross Strokes = Total Stokes Typed in 10 Min. e.g. 2000. Words Typed = (2000/5) = 400. Gross Speed = 400/10 = 40 WPM.
18 B. Criteria for Calculation of Error Mistakes / Error Stokes = 250. Error Words = 250/5= 50. Net Errors = 50/10 = 5 WPM. Net Speed = 40 – 5 = 35 WPM.
Percentage of Error allowed - i. Relaxation of 5% error for UR Category ii. Relaxation of 7% error for other categories