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Social Security Assistant English Typing
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*English Typing Test
Live Test Schedule Morn. Session 6 AM TO 7 AM And Even. Session 7 PM to 8 PM Sepecial EPFO, Social Security Assistant English Typing Test & HINDI Typing Test
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EPFO, SSA 2023 English Typing Test, Candidates can opt to appear either in English or in Hindi Stenography Test. Default Language will be English. In case, the candidate wants to appear in Hindi language, he/she will have to raise concern at the Examination Center at the time of examination and the language in such cases will be set to Hindi accordingly. Language once opted cannot be changed under any circumstances.
The Candidate will be provided a passage for English/Hindi Type Test, to be typed within 10 minutes on computer to assess candidates' typing speed of 35 words per minute in English or 30 words per minute in Hindi on computer. (35 words per minute and 30 words per minute correspond to 10500 Key Depression Per Hour (KDPH) / 9000 KDPH on an average of 5 key depressions for each word for Data Entry Work. PwBD candidates eligible to get scribe will get 15 minutes to complete the passage.
Those candidates who have opted for Hindi medium in Computer Skill Test are hereby informed that MANGAL FONT will be used in the Computer Skill Test in Hindi medium with INSCRIPT KEYBOARD LAYOUT.
The on-screen computer clock counter of every candidate will be set at the server. The countdown timer on the top of the computer screen will display the time remaining (in minutes) available for the candidate to complete the examination.
A Passage (in English/Hindi) will be displayed on the upper half portion of the screen. Candidate will be required to type the passage on the computer in the same format in the bottom half portion of the computer screen. In order to view the whole passage, candidate needs to scroll down with the help of mouse.
Candidate has the option to press Backspace key, however, the timer will count the time elapsed using Backspace key. After login, at the designated time of the start of the examination, the candidates will be able to proceed and see the passage on the computer screen.
Before start of the actual type test, a Practice window will be provided, candidate can practice typing of the sample text during this Practice Window.
If you are found copying /helping others, you will be disqualified.
Candidates are advised to follow the Keys and Functions as given below:  Put single SPACE between two words. Following will be considered as errors:  Left out words and spelling mistakes will be treated as a full mistake (errors).  An error in paragraphing and punctuation shall be treated as full mistake (errors).  Typing of letters, Words, Characters, Symbols, or anything other than the contents of the passage as asked in question paper shall be treated as a full mistake (error).
No. of words typed to be counted= Total strokes (with spaces) typed divided by 5.
Typing speed to be counted= No. of Correct words typed divided by 10.
Read the instructions given in order to avoid disqualification, error and timely loss. After reading the instructions carefully, click on the check box to proceed.